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Hey There

We are constantly looking for ways to improve growing, drying and curing.

We pride ourselves on producing the best possible end product with preserved terpene profiles, trichome retention and enhanced expressions. And we to do this while reducing the amount of work and time needed to produce an even better end product. All our products use Health Canada and FDA Approved Food Safe vessels, and all internal air lines are medical grade silicone.

And if you want to grow a bomb vegetable garden, then you found the right place!

About Us

There are 3 ways to achieve success.

  1. You can be born into it,

  2. You can get lucky, or

  3. You can plan for it.

We can help you plan for it.


With decades of growing, harvesting, drying and curing experience, our team can help you create the best possible product, with the least amount of production interruption. Our approach is to improve quality, while reducing your workload by letting mother nature take control. It's what she's good at.

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