Boreal Curing Systems

What We Do

We are constantly looking for ways to improve cannabis drying and curing.
We pride ourselves on producing the best possible cannabis with preserved terpene profiles, trichome retention and enhanced cannabinoid expressions. And we to do this while reducing the amount of work and time needed to produce an even better end product. All our products use Health Canada and FDA Approved Food Safe vessels, and all internal air lines are medical grade silicone.
It's just how we roll.

Tools We Promote

The growing products we promote have been carefully selected with cost and benefits in mind, but like the buds you grow, quality it primary. There’s a lot that goes into deciding on the equipment you need. Simply looking for a grow tent can easily overwhelm even a seasoned grower. That's why we did all the hard research for you.

While the tools, equipment, and nutrients we suggest to use are listed on Amazon, we present a choice for the size and type of grow you want. We worked hard to find the best in class equipment while keeping cost in mind. We're sure you will find exactly what you need at affordable prices and in the size you need.

It's All In Our Name

Why Boreal? The largest intact forest on the planet is the Boreal Forest and synonimous with a perfect growing ecosystem. In a world that has lost 80 percent of its original forests, the Boreal Forest is one of the last strongholds on the planet. It holds more intact forest landscape —large, natural ecosystems unbroken by roads or other human intervention— than any place on Earth.

Boreal Curing is all about curing naturally with minimal human intervention.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our advice on product suggestions, or on all Boreal Automated Curing or Commercial Curing products.

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We ship to Canada, USA, and International destinations.