Passive Cannabis Drying Boxes

Prebuilt, Double Walled, and Reusable

The Perfect Home Drying System. Collapses For Easy Storage

Dry your crop worry free!

  • 1. Cut and Trim your branches.
  • 2. Hang your branches in the Drying Boxes.
  • 3. Close the boxes.

10-12 days later, your crop is perfectly dried, and ready for curing.

Optimal drying room humidity is 50-55% Relative Humidity, and 65-70%F.

How It Works

CONVECTION. Your branches generate heat as they are drying. The warm air rises and exits through the top vent. This creates a vacuum and newer dryer air enters via the vent on the bottom of the Drying Box.

Small to Medium Harvests

Drying Boxes

cannabis drying box cardboard box
Dries  1/2  -  3/4 lbs per box
(tight Indica or Loose Sativa)

Curing Box - 3 Hanging Rows

Curing Box - 2 Hanging Rows

Includes prepared boxes, lines strung, folded for shipping, and instructions.


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