Grow Like You Mean It.

Easy Super Soil

Grow Without Having To Feed!

Let your soil do the feeding

This Super Soil recipe will allow you to grow your plants and not have to feed during the entire season.
Just water and watch them grow.
It's best to start making your super soil in April or May so you can use your super soil June 1st
and watch your plants explode with amazing health and growth.

Make It In Bulk May 1st!

Double, Tripple, or Quadruple the Recipe!
If you start a batch in May, it will be ready to use June 1st.
Making it in bulk and simply covering it with a tarp to cook in the sun works great.
Once it's done, you can keep it covered, or in garbage pails, all summer and use it
as you need it. Keep a tote full in the house for use over the winter.

Don't want to mess with making the ingredients?
(coming soon).

Just add it your soil and mix.

Boreal Seeds Supersoil

Use it in your vegetable and flower garden and watch them explode!
Boreal Seeds Supersoil


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