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A Guide to Drying and Curring

There’s no one great secret to producing great smoking herb. The best herb is the product of great genetics, careful cultivation, precise pruning, a controled drying environment, trimming and finally, a controled slow and steady curing process.

"So you're crop of frosty buds are coming along fine, and you’re looking forward to harvest. You can’t wait to try them. But first, they need to be dried and cured. While you may be tempted to dry your cannabis quickly, (go ahead and take a sample) you have to be as patient as you were growing it. Drying and curing cannabis requires removing moisture and leaching out the chlorophyll from the flowers in a controlled environment.

Following this guide will provide you with a much better product. Drying and curing properly will increase potency, preserve all those beautiful trichomes (crystals), and ensure the final product will store well for a long time, and without mold."   More...

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