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 Remove Mold, Bugs, Dust and Other Contaminants From Cannabis 


We wash everything we consume, so don't stop with cannabis. We recommend washing your harvest. The terpenes in your buds are not water soluble. A gentle washing will not reduce or affect the potency of your buds and will prevent you from burning and inhaling bugs and their eggs, mildew, pet hair, outdoor/household dust and other contaminants. This will produce a cleaner and healthier result. Washing in a natural chemical free cleaning solution is paramount for superior essentialoils.

But it’s not just about getting cleaner bud. Washing buds also gives them a tastier and smoother smoke. Bud washing does not wash away cannabinoids, and there are only positive effects on taste. If your flowering cannabis is subject to a heavy rain shower, it doesn't wash away trichomes. As a test, cut a branch and gently swirl it in a bucket of water for 5 seconds and examine the grime that floats off.


Boreal Bud Wash is an effective two part cannabis washing solution.


  • Part 1 is a Stem and Bud Scrub that gently and naturally washes off bugs (and their eggs), hair, dust and other contaminants.
  • Part 2 is a natural and gentle disinfectant that removes Powder Mildew, and other dangerous unhealthy contaminants.


- Measure 60ml of Part 1 in one 5 gallon bucket or clean water.
- Measure 60ml of Part 2 in one 5 gallon bucket of clean water.
- Add clean water to a third 5 gallon bucket of clean water.

-Gently Swirl a branch in the Part 1 diluted solution for 5 seconds.
-Gently Swirl the same branch in the Part 2 diluted solution for 5 seconds.
-Gently Swirl the same branch in the Clean Water bucket for 5 seconds to rinse.

Gently shake excess water off the branch and hang to dry.


Use Boreal Bud Spinner to effectively remove excess water from your buds.



Boreal 2 Part Bud Wash

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