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 Let Mother Nature In 


Protect your transplants, revitalize stressed plants, and produce massive yields with Carriboost. Our unique, natural, organic, non-toxic, microbiological solution encourages massive growth.


Carriboost consists of a broad heterogeneous group of food-grade microorganisms that protects against and recover from stress and boost growth. Your plant's uptake of nutrients is enhanced and improved due to the inhibition of pathogenic bacteria by low pH and the presence of organic acids and antimicrobial compounds.


Carriboost is highly concentrated and and will never hurt your plants, at any concentration! If you poured the whole bottle in one spot on your lawn, the grass in that spot, and everything around it, would explode with vigorous new growth. That said, why waste it?



Use it 10ml/Liter applied as a foliar spray or watering your plants once a week.

Boosting microbial life in your soil enhances your plant's feeding ability and protects against disease and pests. As a foliar spray, Carriboost provides a natural immunity against pests and disease boost ensuring uninterupted growth.

Cariboost Bacillus Biostimulant

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