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 Ditch Soda Bottle CO2 Enhancers 


Increase Your Yield by 20% to 30%


Recharging your Boreal Curing's Passive CO2 System

The contents of your CO2 system is safe to flush down the drain. In fact, if you have a septic system, it will regenerate it (bonus!).
 - Disconnect the Perforated airline from the CO2 bucket.
 - Remove the lid from the CO2 bucket.
 - Empty the contents of your CO2 bucket.
 - Rince well with plain water. Do NOT use detergent.
 - Add the Boreal Curing Activator to the bucket.
 - Add 1 gallon of warm water to the bucket (about 110°f).
 - Shake or stir for 5 seconds to start the activator to dissolve.
 - Reinstall the lid and airline onto the bucket.
 - Hang the perforated end of the airline above the plants.
 - Shake the bucket every 3 days to reinvigorate CO2 for maximum production.


 Tip: It is suggested to put your CO2 bucket on a seedling heatmat for maximum CO2 generation.

CO2 Blaster Recharger

  • UPS, FedEx, or Purolator shipping with tracking. 

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