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 Guerilla Plant Amendments


Silverback ensure successful guerilla growing with over 2 dozen organic amendments and natural Plant Growth Regulator hormones (PGRs) that are sourced from the North Atlantic. Silverback protects your plants against stress and drought and ensure sufficient plant and microbial food to push out a massive healthy crop.

Silverback is a complete nutrient kit to nourish your plants with vital elements and macro and micronutrients. As growers ourselves, our goal was to simplify what can be a very complex process to allow commercial growers more time to focus on their business as well as allowing small hobbyist gardeners an opportunity to grow like the pros. Silverback takes the guesswork out of nutrient application and feeding schedules.

Just add it to your hole or pot when you plant. Then just water start to finish. It's that easy.


> 500ml Silverback Amendment pack is enough for 4 plants (holes or pots).
> 3.5 Gallon Pail Silverback Amendment is enough for 40 plants holes (holes or pots).
> 5 Gallon Pail Silverback Amendment is enough for 80 plants holes (holes or pots).


At Planting Time, sprinkle 1/2 packet (1 cup) of Silverback in and around the hole.
Water at planting time, sit back, and watch them explode with vigorous healthy growth.


Use Silverback in your vegetable garden for a fantastic harvest!



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